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A Simple A-z On Criteria In Bathing Suits
09.01.2017 06:59

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Sao Paulo's business manmayor Joao Doria -- pre-schools for local children, no Benz's and Beamers and helicopter rides for city officials. (Photo byMIGUEL SCHINCARIOL/AFP/Getty Images) Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo, elected its version of Donald Trump in October and he's come out swinging early in 2017. Joao Doria, mayor off Latin America's biggest city, is a multi-millionaire, luxury-lifestyle kind of guy who knows how to getaround in helicopters and likes a good German car as much as the next one percenter. But one of his first moves when taking office was puttingan end to elected officials traveling by motorcade, and zapping some of the luxury automobilefleet for city politicians. Boo hoo. Doria was elected in the first round, which is akin to a landslide in Brazil. Most candidates have to battle through two rounds due to the large number of participants that make it hard to get51% of the popular vote the first time around. The Sao Paulo tycoon said on Tuesday that besides cutting the city government'scar fleet, he promised to increase the number of pre-school students in the city by 66,000. During his campaign, he promised that families looking for a spot in pre-schools wouldno longer be put on waiting lists. Once his government was formed, they quickly realized political promises can't always be realized.

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REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo By Hilary Russ | NEW YORK NEW YORK The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey agreed to a $32 billion, 10-year capital plan on Thursday, including funding proposals for a new Hudson River train tunnel and a new Manhattan bus terminal. The authority, which oversees many of the biggest transportation infrastructure projects in the region, faces a roughly $20 billion funding gap between what it wants to build and what it can afford to build. The Port Authority operates airports, bridges and tunnels in the bi-state area, which produces at least 10 percent of the nation's economic output, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The draft plan is expected to be published on the authority's website in coming days. Public meetings will be held on Jan. 31 and Feb. 7 before the comment period closes on Feb. 15. The plan is "fair to New Yorkers and will allow the Empire State to move forward on one of the most ambitious infrastructure plans in the nation," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement. The Port Authority is jointly overseen by the governors of New York and New Jersey.


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