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How To Store An Electric Golf Cart- Some Facts
30.12.2016 10:40
An electric golf cart should be stored well when not used for long time. It should be in the same condition so that you could use it the same way. The following precautions are to be taken to avoid problems to the cart. It first looks difficult but it certainly will give the results you desire.

Material required:

2 tbsp baking soda

1 gallon water

Old paintbrush or toothbrush


A proper cover must be obtained to keep the golf cart and cover it from the elements.

Make the batteries clean and dust free. Disconnect the charger after closing the cell caps tightly and clean the battery compartment. Make up a battery neutralizer by adding baking soda to water and spray it over the batteries. The portion inside the body panel walls must also be cleaned.

Thorough cleaning can be done using a paintbrush or toothbrush. Inaccessible areas can be cleaned this way.

Examine the battery box thoroughly and ensure that all the connections are tight. The cables must not be too close and must be set accordingly.

Water levels of the cells should be correct and it should be filled over the plate using distilled water to fill the cells past the plates. If the climate is cold, use only a little water to avoid freezing.

The battery must be fully charged to avoid freezing. It cannot freeze unless it is 60 degrees below zero. A temperature of 20 degrees below can easily drain a battery since the acid is converted into water which freezes faster. After charging, the plug should be disconnected to avoid overcharging.

You need to make more efforts if the battery is degraded due to dirt. If your battery is dirty or covered with acid, it may discharge sooner in cold conditions.

Some notes

Solar Panels are very useful accessories. When there is good sun, a solar panel, will charge up the batteries and also act roof. The range can be extended up to one mile with an hour of charging. Trickle-charging can make the battery charging more balanced. A solar panel enables you to use cellular devices, laptops, and GPS trackers and maintain connectivity. The solar carts help you decrease carbon footprint, because fossil fuels are not used.

Sales Tax

A Federal Tax Credit on 30% is available with the price when buying it. States, like Arizona and Florida, have no state sales tax. Solar-powered golf cart can help a lot in avoiding global warming.


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